About Mehronic

Mehronic Tavan Tabdil Engineering Company officially started its activity in 2002 in the field of designing and manufacturing melting and induction heating furnaces with the participation of graduates of Isfahan University of Technology in master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Prior to that, the company had been active for over 11 years in various power electronics fields, such as DC and AC motor inverters, high-capacity battery chargers, UPSs, and a variety of switching power supplies, which are essentially very similar to induction heating circuits. Mehronic Company, by studying the products available in the market, whether made domestically or abroad, realized that the high-quality and up-to-date products of large and leading international companies are rare in the new and first-hand form, or used and in unfavorable conditions of support and services. They also work. These studies also show that the best technology in the furnace debate is the series technology first used by Inductotherm USA. With a history of more than 60 years and having more than 40 companies around the world, this company is the dominant center of production and manufacture of induction melting and heating devices in a wide range of applications and applications. Therefore, the intention and advantage of Mehronic Company in business and entering the market of induction furnace manufacturers is “manufacturing and producing new and up-to-date induction furnaces and heaters, with a design and production approach based on Inductotherm’s technology and engineering knowledge”.